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CharPos Challenge

function CharPos(Ch : Char; const Str : AnsiString) : Integer;

CharPos searches for the first occurrence of a Char in a String. It returns the position of this occurrence.

Validation and Benchmark Tool
Tables of results

Target Function Author
P4 Prescott CharPosJOHSSE2 John O'Harrow
P4 Northwood CharPosJOHSSE2 John O'Harrow
Pentium M Dothan CharPosJOHSSE2 John O'Harrow
Pentium M Banias CharPosJOHSSE John O'Harrow
AMD64 CharPosJOHSSE2 John O'Harrow
Athlon XP CharPosJOHMMX John O'Harrow
Blended CharPosJOHMMX John O'Harrow
RTL Suggestion CharPosShaPas2 Aleksandr Sharahov
Pascal CharPosShaPas2 Aleksandr Sharahov