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The Fastcode Project

Int64Mul Challenge:

The objective is to build the fastest replacement for RTL Int64Mul.

Validation and Benchmark Tool:
Tables of results

Target Function Author Speed up over RTL
P4 Northwood Int64MulJOH_2 John O'Harrow 1,29
P4 Prescott RTL   1,00
Pentium M Int64MulJOH_2   1,03
P3 Int64MulJOH John O'Harrow 1,10
Athlon XP Int64MulJOH_2 John O'Harrow 1,17
Opteron Int64MulDKCIA32_2 Dennis Christensen 1,01
RTL Suggestion Int64MulJOH John O'Harrow 1,11
Blended Int64MulJOH John O'Harrow 1,11