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The Fastcode Project

Memory Manager Challenge

The objective is to build the fastest replacement for the Delphi Memory Manager.

The following operating systems are supported:
Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003, Win64.
It is allowed to use any Fastcode function such as Move and FillChar.
Allocations must be at least 4 byte aligned.
All allocations must end at a 4 byte aligned address
The MM can use the 0-3 bytes at the end of blocks.
It is not allowed to use the patching principle for using any functions such as FastMove and FastFillChar.
There are two targets:
RTL Replacement. Same rules as for the standard RTL Replacement Target.
No CPU ID based selection of code is allowed.
Free blended: CPU ID based selection of code is allowed. All possible instructions are allowed. Must run on all processors from 486 and forward.
A valid entry for a given target gives 25 points.
Only one entry per target gives points.
A target winner gives 250 points
A target second place gives 150 points
A target third place gives 100 points
A target fourth place gives 50 points

Validation and Benchmark Tool:
E Link Replay Logs (7zip)
E Link Replay Logs (zip)
LinkCom+Server Replay Logs (7zip)
LinkCom+Server Replay Logs(zip)
Web Broker Replay Log (7zip)
Web Broker Replay Log (zip)
Reservations_System_MMUsage Log (7zip)
Reservations_System_MMUsage Log (zip)
XML Replay Log (7zip)
XML Replay Log(zip)
BC3 Replay Log (7zip)
BC3 Replay Log (zip)
Document Classification Replay Log (7zip)
Document Classification Replay Log (zip)
All Log Files (zip)
All Log Files (7zip)
Tables of results
Fastcode Memory Managers in the real world
MM Usage Replay Analyzer (zip)