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The Fastcode Project

Trunc Challenge

The objective is to build the fastest replacement for RTL Trunc.

Validation and Benchmark Tool
Tables of results


Target Name Author
P4 Prescott PolAdd_DKC_IA32_1 Dennis Christensen
P4 Northwood PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
PM Dothan PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
PM Banias PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
AMD64 PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
Athlon XP PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
Blended PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
RTL Replacement PolSub_AZ_IA32_1 Avatar Zondertau
Pascal PolAdd_DKC_Pas_2 Dennis Christensen


Target Name Author
P4 Prescott TruncDoubleRTL Borland
P4 Northwood TruncDoubleRTL Borland
Pentium M Dothan TruncDoubleJOH John O'Harrow
Pentium M Banias TruncDoubleJOH John O'Harrow
AMD 64 TruncDoubleRTL Borland
Athlon XP TruncDoubleRTL Borland
Blended TruncDoubleRTL Borland
RTL Replacement TruncDoubleRTL Borland
Pascal TruncDoubleDKC1 Dennis Christensen


Target Name Author
P4 Prescott TruncSingleDKCSSE3 Dennis Christensen
P4 Northwood TruncSingleRTL Borland
Pentium M Dothan TruncSingleJOH John O'Harrow
Pentium M Banias TruncSingleJOH John O'Harrow
AMD 64 TruncSingleRTL Borland
Athlon XP TruncSingleDKC2 Dennis Christensen
Blended TruncSingleRTL Borland
RTL Replacement TruncSingleRTL Borland
Pascal TruncSingleDKC1 Dennis Christensen