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The Fastcode Project

Fastcode CPU/FPU/Memory Benchmark Tool

The Fastcode Benchmark Tool is yet another benchmark program added to the collection. Opposite to earlier Fastcode benchmarks this is not for validation and testing optimized functions. This is a complete benchmark tool which allows you to test how well your personal computer performs different tasks. The benchmarks are based on Fastcode functions which are super optimized and some of the fastest in the world. A part of the functions are optimized to a specified target which allows your CPU to perform its best.

Another thing that makes The Fastcode Benchmark Tool special is documentation.
The helpfile gives you information about all the benchmarks, and a very accurate description of how they work.
All the optimized Fastcode functions are collected in Fastcode libraries which are freely available for the Delphi community.

The Fastcode Benchmark Tool is still under development but currently considers more than 20 benchmarks and still adding. There are a number of features which allows you to create your personal list of benchmark. Since its still under development it all not might work properly. If you notice anything we would appreciate if you’ve let us know. Have a look in the helpfile about bugreporting.

Release 0.9.1 - Source + .exe

Benchmark results ver. 0.9.1

Benchmark verification

Benchmark documentation

Help for the tool - Word format