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The Fastcode Project

Year 2003 status

The 2003 competition

Has ended.


Place Name Points
1 John O'Harrow 742
2 Dennis Christensen 450
3 Aleksandr Sharahov 261

Complete winners list 2003

Winners prize was a Delphi Professional of the latest version sponsored by Borland. If Delphi 8 is not ready at the time we elect the winner, he is allowed to wait for it.

The second prize was a TeeChart Licences from Steema Software,

The 2003 New Year speech

Hi Fastcoders and Followers

Now there is only little work left before we can celebrate.

Usually when we make a status we discuss what can be done better. This time we can discuss what was good. I believe we have achieved a lot. We have made 22 challenges and each gave us 7 super optimized functions, 21 for the FP
challenges. This is 11 * 7 + 11 * 21 = 298 functions. That many high performance functions are not found many places on the web. I have personally not seen much MMX, SSE and SSE2 optimized code, except on Intels site. I think that not many people around the world actually code in assembler and use all these new instructions. Our code can match or beat the best! I hope year 2004 will give us a Delphi 8 with Fastcode functions in the RTL.

I think it is safe to elect John the 2003 winner :-)
John has again and again set new standards for the speed of code. He participates in nearly all challenges with great skill and effort. He very seldom publishes code with bugs and he very often tweaks these few extra percent of spead out of even small  easy functions. I respect his work a lot. Which title do you want John?

Aleksandr is going to be third and I will turn over my prize to him. He has also demonstrated great coding skills and very often come up with "weird" solutions that I would never have thought of. His coding style is also very special :-) I hope to be beaten by you in many challenges next year ;-)

Many more of you have done much good and I appreciate this a lot too. The Fastcode community has 14 members now and a lot of followers and helpers. You can all write some words about who you are and what you do and I will make a page on our homepage for them.

I wish you all a happy new year with wishes of a great production of fast Fastcode code,