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PosIEx Challenge

PosIEx is a case insensitive PosEx. It searches for the first occurrence of SubStr in S, starting from the character at Offset. It returns the index of the match.

function PosIEx(const SubStr, S: string; Offset: Integer = 1): Integer;

Validation and Benchmark Tool:
Tables of results


Target Function Author
P4 Prescott PosIEx_DKC_MMX_5 Dennis Christensen
P4 Northwood    
Pentium M Dothan    
Pentium M Banias PosIEx_DKC_MMX_5 Dennis Christensen
AMD 64 PosIEx_DKC_IA32_11 Dennis Christensen
Athlon XP PosIEx_DKC_IA32_11 Dennis Christensen
Blended PosIEx_DKC_IA32_11 Dennis Christensen
Pascal PosIEx_DKC_Pas_16 Dennis Christensen
RTL Replacement